What is 4G life:)

4G or LTE (Long-Term Evolution) is the 4th generation of mobile telecommunication technology. Main difference from 3G is a much faster data speed. While 3G in its most recent modification HSPA+ has the maximum speed of 42 Mbit/s, 4G-network allows mobile data speed up to 112 Mbit/s.

4G speed brings multimedia service up to new level and opens opportunities that were unreachable before!

How can I check 4G network coverage?

You can find coverage map on life:) official web-site

Is it possible to use 4G if mobile phone can only work on 3G network?

To use 4G services it's necessary to have mobile phone, that works on 4G network. Pay attention to specifications of the device.

Is it necessary to change SIM for 4G usage, if smartphone can work on 4G network?

In case smartphone can work on 4G network, but it's only possible to make Internet connection with 3G network (speed remains the same, around 5-7 MB/s), perhaps it’s necessary to change SIM for a newer one. You can check your SIM here. Please, make sure that you’re in the 4G network coverage zone. You can change your SIM in any life:) shop

How to turn on 4G network in smartphone?

For Android phones: Settings – Mobile networks – Network mode – LTE/4G

For iOS phones: Settings – Mobile data – Voice&Data – LTE/4G

For Windows Phone phones: Settings – Mobile networks – Connection speed – LTE/4G 

How is data traffic used in smartphone, tablet or usb-stick on 4G-network?

Due to fast data transfer speed, your data traffic may be used much faster than in 3G.

Is it necessary to activate any special services to work in LTE?

No, LTE is available for all life:) subscribers by default.

How to use Apple devices in LTE-network

Apple iPhone and Apple iPad may not connect to network, or work badly on 4G. To access 4G/LTE you need to update your device to iOS version 9.0 or newer.

Before connection to 4G you may see a notification about network certification on the screen. You can close it by pushing OK/Allow.