Strive for market leadership. Offer high-tech and convenient communication solutions that make life of our subscribers richer and easier. Give new meaning to communicate between humans.

These guidelines have been indisputable values for mobile operator life :) and a guide to action since 2008 when life:) came to the Belarusian market.

life :) - is a young , dynamic , optimistic brand. We form a special tone of communication with our audience, try to make in LIFE:) of subscribers confidence, diversity and excitement of opportunities to be closer to each other. life:) believes in the talent of each person and respects his individuality. life:) has no doubt - anyone can achieve anything if really wants it. life :) supports the desire for personal freedom and is aimed at the specific needs of each subscriber - we offer the widest choice of the best tariff plans and services for boundless and easy communication. life:) loves to break down stereotypes and establish trends.

Belarusian operator life:) enters group of companies Turkcell - one of the most important players of the European mobile market. The number of subscribers to its affiliated group companies, Turkcell is the third largest in Europe in communication standard GSM. Operators of Turkcell Group successfully work in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova, the Ukraine and Northern Cyprus.

The logo of life :) is “smile” It is of great importance, which has already gone beyond the logo and visual display. "Smiley" is an independent, "living" character of all communications of life :). It is on the tie of a Seller in our store, in the voice of an operator of our call-center. But the main thing for us is the "smile” on your face, smiles of all life:) subscribers, it's your drive, pride, freedom, victory and again ... SMILE !

WELCOME TO life:)!