SMS-service EasyPay

You exactly know what EasyPay is if you like shopping via on-line shops. SMS-service EasyPay is your opportunity to manage e-wallet via SMS.

How to subscribe the service

  • You can get e-wallet in 2 ways: online at or via SMS
  • If you decided to get e-wallet via SMS you should send the SMS to the short number 1221 with the following text REG. After that you’ll get the following message "I AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THE AGREEMENT AND REGULATIONS ON WWW.EASYPAY.BY. YES: REG1 NO: REG0"

If you are ready to register your e-wallet send: REG1

The response example:

WWW.EASYPAY.BY    , where

ХХХХХХХХ - is the number of the e-wallet EasyPay,
YYYY - is a reusable control code used to confirm payments.

  • If you have registered the e-wallet via SMS, the package will be activated automatically

What you need to know

  • Did you decide to fill up the balance? Send the SMS to 1221 with the following content:

[Code of the operator life :) in EasyPay]#[amount of rubles]#[Phone number]#[verification code] ,


code of life :) in EasyPay is 1009,

phone number - the phone number with the code of operator.

Verification code can be omitted, for doing this you need to disable the confirmation payment reference code on the EasyPay site in the section "Management”  -> «SMS-services. Enable / Disable».

  • If you transfer money between e-wallets of EasyPay you have to send SMS with the following content:

[ID of the e-wallet recipient (8 digits)]#[amount of rubles]#[verification code (from 4 to 10 characters)]

Notice that for transfers between the e-wallets is not free for users. Commission is 2%.

  • You will certainly be interested to find out useful features and we are pleased to provide you them:

The request for the background information: HELP or INFO or ? or H or I

The request for the information about balance: BALANCE or BAL

The action to lock your e-wallet: BLOCK or BLO

Legal information. It is boring but useful to know

  • Registration in EasyPay system via SMS confirms that you are familiar with the terms of the Agreement with LTD "Otkrytyj Kontakt" нfor the provision of access to the payment system EasyPay, the  Agreement with JSC "Belgazprombank" on the use of electronic money EasyPay and with Regulations of providuing these services offered under public offer, as well as accept and fulfill the conditions of Agreements and Regulations.
  • Sending a SMS to the number 1221 costs you 0,07 (= 700) rubles*.
  • If you send an SMS to number 1221 while you are in roaming, the SMS will be charged at the prices of our roaming partner.
  • The subscription of SMS-service EasyPay is free of charge.
  • Notice that the responsibility for the accuracy of the entered information is yoursIn case of incorrect entrance of your information, you may call to the number (017) 211 01 21.
  • For more information look thru the site

* Each SMS to the short number is charged.