Mobile payments iPay

You do not like to spend your time in banks to pay for different services, do you? Now you have a great opportunity not to waste your time! You can pay for public utilities, internet access, TV, security, buy different tickets and etc. via unique system of mobile payments iPay.

How to subscribe the service

If there is more than 0,50 (= 5 000) rubles on your balance, then you can use the mobile payment system iPay

How to use the service

You can make payments from "personal account" in iPay site or simply send a free SMS of a certain content.

  • The payments via the site are very simple. You have to go to the website and find the box "Login". There you will be asked to enter your phone number and the session password..

To get the session password send any SMS to 5533 (SMS costs you 0,07 (= 700) rubles). It should be remembered that the session password is valid only for 20 minutes. You need to get a new password to login in iPay system in the future.

You’ll log in your "personal account" from which you’ll be able to make all the necessary payments after entering all the data. You can also find out your balance, view payment history and if it’s necessary, print the check in your "personal account".

You only need to enter your data once when paying in iPay and the system will save these settings for future payments "one button"

  • If you want to pay via SMS you need to send SMS of a certain content to the short number 553 (free of charge).

The stock content of SMS is:


where separator between the parameters is "whitespace". The register of SMS is not important.

You will receive the response SMS with information about the result of the payment (for example, "01/11/2011 10:28:14" Payments life :) ». The phone number 9090804. Paid 50,000 BYR. The cheque is in the site 

Legal information. It is boring but useful to know

  • If you want to make the transaction via iPay system, there must stay 0,50 (= 5 000) rubles on your balance of mobile phone after the payment.
  • You can make transactions to mobile operators life:) and MTS which will not exceed 1,00 (= 10 000) rubles within one calendar day (0:00 to 23:59).
  • You can make payments to payment services Easypay и Webmoney, which will not exceed 50,00 (= 500 000) rubles within one calendar day (0:00 to 23:59).
  • Sending an SMS to 5533 или 553 means that you have acquainted and agreed with the Agreement on the distribution, use and redemption of electronic money iPay, join the Rules conditions of iPay, including familiarization to the amount of the remuneration of the Issuer.
  • All the details how to pay via SMS or website you can learn on the site
  • You can apply to the iPay system operator with all questions about iPay system, the transmission and processing of the information via the next telephone numbers: +375(17) 334 69 88, +375(25) 603 00 30.
  • If you suddenly still have any problems, any claims relating to the provision and quality of goods (works, services), you can send it to the service providers.
  • You can get the information about getting a bank receipt, disputed issues relating to the execution of payments, details of the Service Provider via phone numbers: (017) 209 47 91, (017) 283 23 50. 

Dear subscribers! From 31.12.2014 the provision of the service "Mobile payments iPay" was suspended