Mobile radio

Are you tired of listening to the standard beeps during a call?
"Mobile Radio" will help you replace beeps with songs and informational messages.
And the most important thing: the service "Mobile Radio" is absolutly free!

 How to subscribe the service/title]

You can activate the "Mobile Radio" in several ways:

deal 922

  1. deal 922  .
  2. follow the steps in the interactive voice menu.
  3. to activate the service push «1»

deal *122#  

  1. deal *122# .
  2. follow the steps in the interactive menu.
  3. to activate the service you need to choose one of three proposed playlist and push the appropriate digit.
  4. to disable the service you must push «0».

What you need to know

  • "Mobile Radio" is available to all life :) subscribers and is absolutely free.
  • there are commercials in the broadcast of "Mobile Radio"
  • activating the service "Mobile Radio" you agree to receive marketing messages from the third parties through the "Mobile Radio" and other distribution channels in the network of JSC "BeST".

If  "Mobile Radio" does not work, do not be afraid! There are some limitations in the service:

  • ringtones, information and advertising content of "Mobile Radio" are only played if the caller's number is available, not busy, and he service "life :) Meloring" is not activated.
  • the playback of  "Mobile Radio" is not guaranteed while making international calls.

How to change something

Within the "Mobile Radio" you can:

  • select and add one of the existing collections of tunes "Mobile Radio". When selecting a collection of tunes the service is activated automatically.
  • play all available collections, using IVR-menu 922
  • add or remove the information about exchange rates or the weather forecast.
  • listen to the exchange rate and forecast using IVR-menu 922
  • Listen to information about the service via IVR-menu 922.

The Rles of playing of the content

  • You will listen to music when making outgoing calls.
  • As default, the play-list includes the exchange rates, forecast, a collection of musical compositions and advertising messages.
  • Every new day play-list starts from the first position
  • When you are making call before 13:00 local time the forecast plays for the current day, after 13:00 to the next.
  • Tunes from a connected collection of musical compositions are played sequentially, which is independent from changes of dates
  • "Mobile Radio" is completely free. When providing this service is played back a certain percentage of advertising messages, which should not exceed 20% of the playback of all content.

How to disable ads 

"Mobile radio without ads" is the additional service that disables playback of advertising content in the framework of "Mobile Radio".

The service is available to all subscribersof life :).

Subscription for the additional service "Mobile Radio free advertising" for the Subscriber sosts 0,09 (= 900) rubles (including VAT) per day.

You can disable ads in the following ways:

Deal 922

  1. deal 922
  2. follow the steps in the interactive voice menu.

Deal *122#  

  1. deal *122#  
  2. follow the steps in the interactive menu.
  3. to disable ads push «8».
  4. If you are not subscribed to the service "Mobile Radio", you need to choose one of three proposed playlist and press the corresponding digit.

JSC "BeST" reserves the right to modify these rules unilaterally by publishing the changes on