life:) SMS 30 per day

It is a great day today to chat via SMS, isn’t it? In this cases, we have prepared a special offer to you. It isn’t necessary to pay by standard rate plane, if you have the opportunity to use the service «life :) SMS per day 30. It seems like a trifle, but it is nice!


life:) SMS 30
per day

Included SMS-traffic, pcs.


Cost including VAT, rub


Who can use the service?
 Everyone who is a subscriber of life:)

How to subscribe the service?

  • You have to deal *110#. After that you’ll get 30 free SMS to subscribers of all mobile operators in Belarus. Don’t forget that you must have at least 0,60 rubles at your account to get the subscription.
  • You find that it is boring to monitor the terms of your subscription and to count SMSs, don’t you? We can help you. Dial *105# and learn everything about your subscription.

What you need to know

  • Twenty-four ours has not passed yet but free SMSs are over? Nothing to worry about! SMS- traffic above this service is charged according to your rate plan

  • Twenty-four ours has passed but you still have got free SMSs? Free SMS- traffic resets and doesn’t tolerate to the next period. Write more, do not limit yourself :). 
  • Subscription automatically will be renewed to the next period. If you have sufficient account balance, of course. We will inform you about the successful extension of the subscription via SMS-notification.
  • What do you need to do if there is no enough funds for automatic renewal? You can refill the balance during the next 120 hours and continue SMS-charting for free. If you refill the balance after 120 hours you’ll have to activate “life :) SMS per day” manually.

How to disable the service

  • If you decided to deactivate the service «life :) SMS», you have to dial *110# and follow the prompts of USSD-menu.

Legal information. It is boring but useful to know

  • All rates are in Belarusian rubles with VAT

Services are valid for 24 hours from the moment of connection and are automatically extended if you have sufficient balance in your account. If you are out of funds, you'll have 5 days to refill balance.If you refill the balance after 5 days you’ll have to activate services manually
We will inform you about the successful extension of the subscription via SMS-notification.