Who called?

Connect yourself a free convenient service "Who called?" and know who and when wanted to hear you.

How to subscribe the service

  • The service is available to you automatically from your first day in our network. 
  • If you have disables it, then you can turn it on again. You must only use short USSD-request *120*5*2# 

What you need to know

  • You have been unavailable for some time and now don't know who has called you? Do not worry we will take care of you and send SMS with moble number of a person who called you. 

How to deactivate the service

  • To deactivate the service you must deal *120*5*2# 

Legal information. It is boring but useful to know

  • The storage period of missed call notifications is 72 hours.
  • We can not guarantee you dentification of the numbers of the subscribers of other mobile networks.