Voice mail

What to do if you're busy and cannot pick up the phone? Solution exists! VOICE MAIL can help you! Answering machine will receive the call instead of you and will offer the caller to leave a message, save it and then inform you via SMS about new incoming messages.

Rates for service

You can add or remove the service for free. Forwarding calls to "Voice Mail" and reception of notifications of new voice messages are also not covered. The cost of listening of your messages match rates of voice calls to all subscribers of our network in accordance with your rate plan.

How to subscribe the service

  • Deal the USSD-request *120*5*1*1# and subscribe the Voicemail.

What you need to know

  • To set up your voice mailbox, you need to call the number 985 and make the settings according to the following the instruction.
  • To make setting by yourself call forwarding number prefilled + 375 25 985 09 88 (when you activate Voice mail forwarding services set automatically).
  • To listen your messages, dial on your mobile 985
  • If you have the activated services "Voice mail" the subscriber wich calls you will be charged according to his rate plane.
  • Don't forget that massages in the Voice mail, which you haven't kept, are stored maximum for 3 days.
  • The massages in the Voice mail, which you have kept, are stored for 30 days
  • Maximum length of a message is 30 seconds
  • In your Voicemail account can be simultaneously stored up to 30 messages

 How to deactivate the service

  • Deal *120*5*1*2# from your mobile 

Legal information. It is boring but useful to know

  • After the service is "Voicemail" service "Who called?" becomes unavailable