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From September 1, 2017 the service "SMS-ticket" is closed. Please note that you can not use previously purchased tickets

Service tariffs

SMS to phone number 2255 with text "1" is free of charge.

When you order SMS-ticket Subscriber's phone account will be debited by the amount of the payment after the SMS-ticket will be delivered to the subscriber.

The SMS-ticket price is equal with cost of one token (as of 24.12.2015 the fare is 0,55 (= 5 500) rub).

How to use

To buy SMS-ticket send sms with the text "1" to the short phone number 2255.

Waiting time after sending a request message is 2-5 minutes.

There is one (1) scanner to read SMS-tickets in each lobby of Minsk metro. Turnstile scanner is branded with logo “SMS-ticket”.  The scanner is located either at the far left or far right turnstile (depending on the design of the lobby).

To use SMS-ticket, you should perform the following steps:

1. open the sms with requested earlier SMS-ticket;

2. hold the phone with active screen to the window of the scanner at a distance of about 1-2 cm;

3. wait for turnstile enable signal (green arrow will light up not on the branded turnstile scanner but on the nearby turnstile);

4. pass through the turnstile (to the right of the turnstile, if the scanner is located in the far left turnstile; or to the left of the turnstile, if the scanner is located at the far right turnstile)

Something you have to know

At the initial stage, the system will support one type of SMS-ticket – the analog of existing tokens per trip in the subway. In prospect, the introduction of analogues of existing tickets will be done.

SMS-ticket is a sms-message which has the following structure (pic 1):

  • First part has description of the ticket (type of the ticket)
  • Second part is part with code, which is SMS-ticket actually
  • Third part includes unique ticket number, this number could be used to define information about current ticket

Ticket status could be checked by using request :

1st option – stat; you will see info about 3 last purchased tickets;

2nd option – stat XXXXX; you will see info regarding SMS-ticket with requested PNR number.

Cost of the stat request is 0,04 (= 400) rub

First option as it was mentioned before is providing info about 3 last purchased tickets. How to use: send stat to short number 2255

As a result you will see sms-message with information as it’s represented at the picture 2:

Message is including info about statuses. Status could be: Valid

Non-valid (used), if so, you can see last time of usage.

Second option – you can check status of the particular ticket. How to use: send stat to short number 2255 then space and unique ticket number

Message is including info about statuses. Status could be: Valid

Non-valid (used), if so, you can see last time of usage.

PNR is sensitive to register, if you send request with non-correct PNR, you will see message with info: Dannyj nomer PNR ne sushhestvuet v baze dannyh, vvedite vernyj nomer PNR. (There is no such PNR in the system)

If SMS-ticket does not ordered with a current phone number, the system will send a message: Vy ne polzovalis servisom ranee. U vas net aktivirovannyx biletov. (You did not use service before, there is no active ticket)

Within SMS-ticket service it is possible to:

  • Request SMS-ticket for one trip
  • Check a status of the current or ordered earlier tickets
  • You can forward requested ticket to your friend / family

SMS-ticket is valid for 1 year from the moment of ordering

After 1 year SMS-ticket is automatically becoming non-valid

Service SMS-ticketing can not be purchased at the expense of auxiliary (bonus) account.  

The service is provided to all life :) subscribers and is available upon sufficiency of  money on primary account.

Unusual situations

While using SMS-ticket service you can face with unusual situations such as:

You requested a SMS-ticket by sending request but didn’t receive a sms with SMS-ticket. In most of the cases, the subscriber does not have enough money at account. In this case you will  receive an sms with text: Stoimost’ bileta X, u Vas nedostatochno sredstv na schete, pozhalyjsta, popolnite schet,  X - ticket cost (Cost of the ticket is X, you don’t have enough money on your account, please, refill it.)

Info message STAT doesn’t come after request. In most of the cases, the subscriber does not have enough money at mobile account. Also, you will  receive an sms with the following text: Nedostatochno sredstv na Vashem schete, pozhalyjsta, popolnite Vash balans. (There is not enough money on your account, please top it up)

Scanner cannot read SMS-ticket, possible reasons

a. screen of the phone is not active

b. phone is not in appropriate position (not in front of window)

c. there are some defects of the phone’s screen (cracks, cleavages and etc.)

d. Screen of the phone is not able to show the structure of the SMS-ticket one under other

If the red prohibiting signal is on – maybe the ticket was used before. It is necessary to check its status with the help of STAT request or using client support line 989.

In case SMS-ticket system is not available due to technical reasons, after ordering the ticket the user will get the following SMS-notification: Servis nedostupen po texnicheskim prichinam. (Service is not available due to technical problems).

The access of the user to the system may be blocked in case of finding attempts of SMS-ticket fraud.

In other cases it is necessary to address to inspector in the station. If the inspector will determine that the scanner is not working, the check of SMS-ticket will be performed by portable scanner, which is given to all inspectors in all stations of Minsk metro.


In case of disputable issues, the user of the system may call to short number 989 (the number is free of charge and available only for life subscribers)

The workers of the support service can check the status of ordered SMS-tickets, also the can resend the SMS-ticket to the user in case of loss or breakage of mobile phone, or if the screen of the phone who keeps in memory all bought but not used SMS-tickets, was broken.


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