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Internet + USB Stick



traffic (ethical limit)

Speed over ethical limit Price, rub 

USB Stick + Traffic

10 000 64 kbps 34,80

Useful to know

  • For the activating/changing the services «life:) Internet» you need to dial *110*5# and choose the necessary service. You are to have the cost of the chosen service at your account that will be charged automatically at the moment of the service activation.
  • The service «life:) Internet Nihgt» is valid from 1 till 8 a.m. only in the case of creating the new Internet connection during this period.
  • Internet-traffic that was unused during the period of the service is set to zero and not transferred to the next period, except service «life:) Internet 5000+», where all unused traffic moves to the next period of the same service.
  • WAP-traffic and traffic in roaming are not included in free traffic given in the service.
  • The interval of Internet and WAP-traffic charging - 50 KB
  • In order to receive the information about the balance, traffic and the period of the service «life:) Internet» you need to dial *100#, *105#
  • The period of the service «life:) Daily Internet» is 24 hours. It is possible to activate a one-time or automatic extension.
  • The period of the service «life:) Internet» is 30 days. Service will be prolonged automatically in case of sufficient balance for the next period.

Settings for Internet access

APN: internet.life.com.by

Name:  -

Password: -

Save this profile and restart the phone.

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